Palm Beach Construction
Law Attorney

Our firm is your bridge between construction and the law. Our Principal is both a Board Certified Construction Attorney and a Florida Licensed Professional Engineer. Mr. Heitman speaks the language of the jobsite, the boardroom and the courtroom.

Our law firm follows the same rules handling your case that you use on the jobsite to build your projects. Our work is plumb, square and level. When we say plumb, we mean that we are straight up with you. We evaluate your case and tell you where you stand legally, allowing you to make sound business decisions. Square means that we don’t cut corners in protecting our clients legal rights, whether in drafting your contracts or handling your construction disputes. Finally, level means that we provide all of our clients, regardless of the size of your case, your company, or your project, with the same high quality legal representation.

• Construction Law
• Construction Contracts
• Contract Awards & Protests
• Contract Claims and Dispute Resolution
• Construction Lien Law
• Design Professional Contracts & Liability
• Payment & Performance Bonds
• Licensing Issues for Architects & Contractors
• Florida Statutes Section 558 Notice
• Construction Insurance
• Arbitration & Mediation of Construction Claims
• Construction Lending
• Florida Prompt Payment Law
• Unforeseen Site Conditions
• Formation of Special Purpose Business Entities
• Dissolution of Special Purpose Business Entities